• UFO TerminatorUFO Terminator
    UFOs are invading; protect the village and save all the people. Upgrade your gun as the aliens will bring in bigger and harder ships.

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your top 5 favorite games

  • Extreme FirepowerExtreme Firepower
    Choose your character and then hit the streets! Take out enemy shooters before they destroy you!
  • Monsters RampageMonsters Rampage
    Destroy the monsters before they attack you. Shoot them to split them into smaller monsters until they explode. Don't get hit or it's game over.
  • The GunsmithThe Gunsmith
    A funny side-scrolling shooter that will keep you wrapped up for hours!
  • Trooper Assassin 2Trooper Assassin 2
    Take out as many enemies as you can! Don't let too many of them get away, you've got to get a certain number of them to move on.

additional favorite games

  • Clash N SlashClash N Slash
    Steer your ship around defending your planet. Ward off the enemy ships, if your planet do you!
  • Crusade 2Crusade 2
    The crusades are back with more castles to knock down and more levels to complete! Aim your cannon well and take them out!
  • Epic DuelEpic Duel
    Play four versions of dueling madness. Create your character and meet others and challenge them to duels! Collect items and duel away!
  • Fly Or Die PoolFly Or Die Pool
    Its multiplayer Pool! Get your friends around and check this out!
  • Fly Or Die TanxFly Or Die Tanx
    Blow your friends off the field with this multiplayer tank game!
  • GalaxyGalaxy
    This game will make your head spin, with the evil alien ships popping out everywhere, waiting to destroy you. Just hope you're a fast shooter!